Monthly Archives: January 2014

Need to have a little bit of a break from the JSEmu coding. The reason being I’ve discovered that I need to research a little more into the MOS6502. All this addressing mode and paging thing is totally new to me. I may have to redo the way the addressing is handled. Probably won’t be able to do much for a week or so while I get my head around it and also there’s the embedded systems course that I’m studying. Hopefully it won’t be on hold for too long. I’ll get the CHIP-8 one looking a bit better with other options and possibly a way to play on a mobile device as well over the Chinese New Year holiday.

Just finished a JavaScript based Chip-8 emulator that has taken a little while to complete. At least it is now working to an acceptable level. No support at the moment for playing on a tablet device or with a gamepad (I know the HTML5 spec does have that option), but it does kind of work to a level that I am happy with. Now I will move on to something a bit chunkier… Maybe Galaxian hardware or even the Master System or NES.

Anyway, there are two places you can get the emulator from. Either you can play it directly at:

Or you can clone / fork from GitHub at:

Have fun!

As a personal learning experience, I’ve decided I want to learn more about emulation and also to brush up on those skill which pay the bills. Instead of falling into a rut and doing the same things, here’s an attempt at something fresh (at least for me):

The aim of this project is to start be emulating the most simplest system, Chip-8, in JavaScript with a HTML5 interface to it. After that, I plan to expand (hopefully) to the Sega Master System or maybe an arcade hardware. Since this is a personal project, it might hit a milestone and stall for a while as I study what I have created. Feel free to fork and add to it. Pull request back to have other parts added.